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Adults (Groups)

Weekly Adult Groups

At Raintree, we don’t want to be a church with small groups, we want to be a church OF small groups. This means that groups are crucial to accomplishing our purpose as a biblical church. For some of Pastor Ryan’s thoughts on why small groups matter, click HERE.

Sunday Mornings, 9:00am

Raintree 101 (starts Sep. 2nd) 

  • For guests and those wanting to know more about Raintree (more info HERE)
  • 4 weeks usually starting 1st Sunday each month (assuming class is filled)
  • Led by Jeff Fitzgerald and Raintree’s elders
  • Church: 101 Room in Offices
  • Email fitz364@att.net to sign up

Children’s Bible Studies (0 yr old thru 5th grade, ongoing) (vid)                    

Sunday Mornings, 10:45am

Christ in the Old Testament (starts Sep. 2nd)

Men’s Group (2 Peter)

Women’s Group (1, 2, 3 John by Jen Wilkin) (starts Sep. 2nd) (vid)   

Children’s Church (0 yr old thru 5th grade, ongoing) (vid)                    

Student Bible Study (6th-12th grade, ongoing) (vid)                        

Sunday Nights

Class: Church History 101 (5pm) (starts Sep. 23rd)

  • Taught by Pastor Ryan (ryan@raintreechurch.com)
  • Church (Fellowship Hall)
  • We’re working our way through the history of the church, from the early church up to the Protestant Reformation (semester 1 of 2)
  • Sunday Nights, 5pm (unless Family Meeting is scheduled)
  • Textbook: The History of Christianity, edited by Tim Dowley

Community Group in Belton (6pm) (starts in Sep.)

  • Led by Kaleb and Karen Krahn
  • The Krahn home (email karenk@raintreechurch.com for address)
  • Lots of fellowship, prayer, and friendship!
  • The Gospel-Shaped Church, by the Gospel Coalition

Community Group in Raytown (6pm) (starts in Sep.)

  • Led by Dennis and Cindy Williamson
  • The Williamson home (email wmfarm@gmail.com for address)
  • Lots of fellowship, prayer, and friendship!
  • The Truth Project, by Focus on the Family


Women’s Study (vid)

  • Sing a New Song (Psalms) by Lydia Brownback
  • Led by Pam Shaner
  • 11am-1pm in Lee’s Summit (email pattycason1@gmail.com for address)

Women’s Study  (vid)

  • The Real God by Chip Ingram
  • Led by Shirley Brookens (scbrook@embarqmail.com)
  • 6:30pm at the Church (Student Room- upstairs)

Wednesday Evenings, 6:30pm 

Class: Christian Doctrine 101 (starts Sep. 5th)

  • Taught by Jim Lucht (jalucht@hotmail.com)
  • Church (Fellowship Hall)
  • An introduction to Christian doctrine and theology (semester 1 of 2)
  • Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8pm
  • Textbook: Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith, by Wayne Grudem

Treehouse Kids! (Preschool-5th grade) (starts Sep. 5th) (vid)

  • Organized by Karen Krahn (karenk@raintreechurch.com)
  • Strong Focus on memorizing Scripture with song, games, and teaching.
  • For Preschool, K-5th grade, Childcare for 3 and under

Student Ministry (6th-12th grade) (starts Sep. 5th) (vid)

  • Led by Stephen Buller (stephen@raintreechurch.com)
  • Student Room (upstairs)
  • Optional: Time of fellowship from 6:00-6:30 for anyone wanting to come early. Every 3rd Wednesday we will have a “creative fellowship” time for anyone there.


Young Adults Group (starts in Sep.) (vid)

“Experience the Bible in Historical Context” (starts Sep. 6th) (vid)

  • “Walking with God in the Desert,” by Ray Vander Laan
  • Led by Vergil Nelson (vergilnelson@gmail.com)
  • Thursdays from 6-7:45pm
  • Church (Crocodile Cove- kids wing)