“Apologetics” comes from a Greek word meaning “speaking in defense.” Therefore apologetics refers to the defending or proving of the Christian faith. Below you will find some resources from Raintree’s preaching ministry, as well as links to other great resources on apologetics.

How can such a good God allow evil and suffering? 

What about those who never hear the Gospel? Is it just for God to condemn them?

How do we know the Bible is God’s Word?

How do we know the Old AND the New Testaments are both God’s Word?

Why these 66 books of the Bible, and no others?

Do so many translations mean the Bible is unreliable?

If the Bible is so unified, why are there so many different interpretations?

How can we trust the Bible when we don’t even have the original documents?

How can the Bible be inerrant if it clearly has errors in it?

Don’t the “lost” gospels prove that you’re picking and choosing what to believe about Jesus? 

Week 1: How Can We Really Know that God Exists?

Week 2: Where Did the Bible Come From?

Week 3: How Can We Know the Bible is Reliable and True?