Church Planting and Revitalization

Raintree Community Church is committed to seeing God’s kingdom grow in our area and around the world. One of the ways we desire to see this happen is through church planting and church revitalization.

We are currently praying, specifically, for opportunities in helping revitalize churches in our area. We want to be part of seeing what happened at Raintree in the last three years also happen elsewhere. Our goals would be:

  • To get to know the church and their unique identity.
  • To help mobilize leaders in the church to pray & strategize for the future.
  • To help leadership specify the unique DNA of the church.
  • To help leadership establish healthy church membership.
  • To help leadership foster a New Testament church, devoted to God’s Word, prayer, fellowship, and the Lord’s Supper (Acts 2:42).
  • To help train staff and other leaders in all skills related to ministry (preaching, teaching, discipleship, evangelism, social media, graphic and video production, etc.).


Ways of Accomplishing Church Revitalization

Every church is different, and so our first step will be coming alongside the church in prayer. The next step with any local church seeking help would be to get to know the church leadership and the church’s past. Before we jump into any potential major changes, there will be training on what a healthy church looks like, as well as a clear goal in mind, as to who the church wants to aim to be. Investment into church leadership and staff will be emphasized throughout this process. Together, a plan will be laid out, and strategies will be put forth for accomplishing this plan.

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