Why Raintree Community Church?

  • Raintree offers internships in the Kansas City area for multiple different areas of ministry.
  • Raintree is absolutely committed to the sufficiency of Scripture for doctrine, preaching and teaching, and life-transformation.
  • Raintree is a smaller church that is growing. This will provide experience with issues related to a growing church.
  • Raintree has a team atmosphere that is very healthy, and involves close relationships between elders, staff and other church leaders.
  • Raintree has a strong vision for training and equipping future pastors, missionaries, church planters, and church leaders.
  • The experience gained in a growing church that really desires to see all its members grow in Christ, as well as the references potentially gained for future employment, will make these opportunities well worth the investment!
  • Up to 12 hours Bachelors or Master Level Practicum credit may be awarded from Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City.


Internship Opportunities

  • Children’s Ministry Intern (work with Laurel Rogers, Interim Children’s Director): Open Fall 2018
  • Pastoral Intern (work with Ryan Gilbert, Lead Pastor): Open Fall 2018


Tentative Plan


  • Attend Monday morning Staff Meetings (if able), occasional Elders’ Meetings
  • Weekly 1-on-1 meeting with Pastor Ryan or direct supervisor
  • Serve with the Children’s or Student Ministry
  • A few other weekly tasks will be assigned, depending on area of interest

Benefits of Internship

1. Get insight on vocational ministry from those currently in vocational ministry.
2. Get experience on how to handle issues within vocational ministry.
3. Bounce ideas/thoughts off vocational ministers.
4. Grow in leadership capacities and knowledge.
5. Learn skills that will greatly help you in getting a ministry position. (
Conflict Resolution; Long-Term planning and implementation; Video Production, Website Management, Blogging, Communication Strategies)

6. Learn how to actually “land” your first vocational ministry job.

Internship Requirements

  • College-aged (or Masters-level student) preferred
  • Length of internship will be determined for each intern
  • Internship starting points are June, August, and January.

Pastoral Residency

  • Tentative Plan
    • Every Week
      • Prayer and Discussion with Pastoral Staff (staff meetings Mon. 10:30am)
      • Preaching Team Meeting (scheduled to fit team’s schedule)
      • Serve in some capacity with Children, Students, or Young Adults
      • Attend occasional Elders’ Meetings
      • Experience every aspect of church ministry


    • Preaching
      • Preach 3-6 times throughout year (1x every 3 months, for example)
      • Be member of Preaching Team (works together each week)
        • Evaluate sermons
        • Help plan sermon series
        • Small Group Discussion Questions
        • Family Devotional Ideas to go along with sermon
        • “Looking to Sunday” blog posts
        • “Position Papers for Laity”



    Monthly Reading, Writing and Discussion (read 1 book per/mo, write 1 page each mo)

    • January: The Pastor as Preacher
    • February: The Pastor as Family Man
    • March: The Pastor as Theologian
    • April: The Pastor as Leader
    • May: The Pastor as Shepherd
    • June: Biblical Model/Strategy for Church Ministry
    • July: Plurality of Leadership- Elders and the Pastor
    • August: Leading and Investing Personally into Staff
    • September: Weekly Schedule of Duties/Activities as a Pastor
    • October: Monthly/Yearly Duties/Activities as a Pastor
    • November: Full Preaching Plan for First Year at a Church
    • December: Full Leadership/Ministry Plan for First Year at a Church



    Goals for Residency

    1. Resident grows in his heart (love for Christ), head (knowledge and wisdom), and hands (skills to pastor).
    2. Resident be assessed and affirmed as one called to pastoral ministry by Raintree, and therefore is ordained as a pastor (either of Raintree or sent out by Raintree).
    3. Resident sent out to pastor, plant, or replant churches, OR remain on the team at Raintree to serve by planting or pastoring a network church.


    Residency Logistics

    • 1 or 2 years in length
    • Currently Unpaid
    • Click HERE to download Raintree’s Residency Application