Next Steps

1. Worship

We hope you’ll visit us on a Sunday morning at *9:00 or 10:45! We believe the Holy Spirit changes lives through the Word of God. We pray this for you and for all of us! Click HERE to find out “What To Expect.”

*We will be changing our service times beginning July 7th to having only one service. Our Sunday school our is at 9:15 and our church service will be at 10:30*

2. Connect

We want you to start and build on authentic relationships with others who are here. You’re welcome to stick around around the worship service and meet people, as the majority of our church stays and talks with one another for up to an hour! Another way of connecting with people is by jumping into one of our Groups. Click HERE for more info on Groups.

3. Covenant with us

Membership is saying, “I’m committed to Christ, His Church, and to reaching the world!” The first step toward membership is a 4-week class on Sundays called “Raintree 101.” 

Church membership is not like membership in a club. It’s being a member of family of Christians who love, serve, spur on, and hold each other accountable. At Raintree, membership really means something. This is why we have a covenant. At the end of the Raintree 101 class, you’ll have questions answered, get to know a few church leaders, and know what Raintree is all about. Here’s some basic info about Raintree 101:

  • 4 Sunday mornings at 9:00 am, starting beginning of most months.
  • For guests, and those potentially wanting to join the church.
  • For questions, email
  • To download a PDF of our Church Covenant, click HERE.

To sign up for the next class, fill out this form!

Raintree 101