James 1:26-27 | Dr. Stephen Conley

Faith that is Pure in Word and Deed

James 1:26-27

1.       Worthless Worship Declared:  Uncontrolled Speech (vs. 26)

  • When our worship is worthless, our untamed tongue will deceive us
  • When our worship is pure, our untamed tongue will be under control

2.       Pure Worship Displayed:  Undefiled Service (vs. 27a)

  • When our worship is pure, we will be compassionate to those in need
  • Specifically, we will visit and serve orphans and widows in their affliction…just like our Lord Jesus Christ.

3.       Pure Worship Demonstrated:  Unpolluted Living (vs. 27b)

  • When our worship is pure, we will avoid being polluted by worldliness.