James 3:13-18 | Dr. Stephen Conley

James 3:13-18 | Faith in God’s Heavenly Wisdom


1.       The Conduct of Heavenly Wisdom (vs. 13)

  • The call for wise men and women
  • The conduct of meekness (gentleness) will be worked out in true wisdom

2.       The Nature of Worldly Wisdom (vs. 14-16)

  • Worldly wisdom shows itself in jealousy and selfish ambition
  • Worldly wisdom is sourced in all that is anti-spiritual and anti-God

3.       The Fruit of Heavenly Wisdom (vs. 17-18)

  • God’s pure wisdom works itself out in peace-making and mercy-showing
  • God’s pure wisdom produces a harvest of righteousness
  • God’s pure wisdom is represented in the person of Jesus Christ