Mission and DNA

Our Mission (goal)

Raintree Community Church’s main mission is to guide people to a Christ-centered identity and influence.

We are Word-Centered.

We are Equipping the Saints.

We are Training the Next Generation.

Our Covenant with Each Other

  1. The Gospel will be central in, and the reason for, everything we do.
  2. We will rely on God’s Word asour ultimate source for truth and Godliness.
  3. We will know the Father and nourish the life of Christ in us through Prayer. 
  4. We will work and pray for Unity in the Holy Spirit.
  5. We will not give up Gathering and seeking Christ together.
  6. We will nurture our new life in Christ by Pursuing Godliness.
  7. We will care for one another by Rejoicing at each others’ happiness and Bearing each other’s burdens.
  8. We will keep each other accountable by Watching over each other, and lovingly Admonishing each other when needed.
  9. We will put others before ourselves through Service. 
  10. We will support Jesus’ mission by cheerfully Giving to the ministry, the needy, and the spread of the Gospel throughout the earth.
  11. We will obey the Great Commission by Making Disciples. 
  12. We will Develop Leaders who can teach, preach, lead, serve, and plant churches.
  13. We will have both short-term and long-term goals for Reaching the Nations. 
  14. If Moving On from this place, we will unite with another church and carry out the principles of God’s Word.

1. Gospel-Driven

The Gospel is not simply the entry point into the Christian life, but it is also the foundation and power that shapes all we do as followers of Jesus Christ, both in our daily lives and in the corporate body of Christ.  The Gospel is the gloriously great announcement of what God has done through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to satisfy His own wrath and to secure forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life for all who repent and trust in Christ alone for salvation.  Therefore, the gospel is not what God requires.  The Gospel is what God provides.  The Gospel is not about human action, it’s about divine achievement.  The gospel is not a moralistic “Do!.”  The gospel is a merciful “Done!”  The Gospel isn’t good advice – it’s good news.  We at Raintree Community Church want the gospel of Christ to inform and empower all that we do to the glory of God.

2. Word-Centered

We don’t just talk about the Bible, we read it. We don’t just teach Biblical principles, we look at exactly where in the Scriptures they are found. About half our small groups are specifically going through a particular book of the Bible, and we also have a church-wide Bible-reading calendar many of our leaders and members are working through each day. Lastly, every single Sunday at Raintree involves working through a particular text of Scripture, often working through books of the Bible, or portions of books of the Bible. Why all this focus on the Bible? Because we believe the primary tool the Holy Spirit uses to change lives and hearts is the Word of God. We cannot worship what we don’t know, and we know God through His Word! Without it, we don’t know Him!

3. Love AND Truth

We want to be a church known by it’s love- “By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” But ‘love’ without ‘truth’ is not real love. Therefore we value highly the Word of God as our ultimate source and authority for truth. God’s Word trumps everything else. We are committed to never sacrifice truth to anything, for when we do we are not showing ultimate love to people.

Another way of putting it is that we want to emphasize both grace AND accountability. We value a grace-filled atmosphere. Because God continually shows to us a vast display of amazing grace and patience, we want to do the same for each other. We truly want anyone to feel free to “come as you are.” But we also want to be clear: none of us should expect to stay as we are! God’s Word transforms lives, and God uses his church to mold Christians more and more into the image of His Son. No matter where you are at, you are welcome here. But know: we hopefully are all moving toward spiritual maturity, slowly but surely. Our desire is to be is a safe place to admit when you fail. At the same time people are here to encourage and support you with truth. We believe that the truth of the Word of God is the primary tool the Holy Spirit uses for  transformation in our lives.

4. Children and Families

Because young people make up the majority of individuals coming to a saving faith, we want to focus a large amount of time and resources on reaching our children, students, and young adults. This happens when mature believers invest their lives into reaching, equipping, and launching the next generation. The biggest way we believe we can do that is by communicating as clearly as possible to children that they are, in fact, the church. “Big Church is not just for Big People” has become our motto of sorts. We believe that the way we welcome children into the church will directly affect the way they respond to the church, to God, and to one another. Not only that, but we believe children watching their parents worship with music, value the Word of God, and even be convicted by the Holy Spirit, can greatly impact children long-term.

5. Intergenerational

When it comes to age, our church is quite diverse. We love it. It is uncommon and something that we want to continue to nurture, for the Bible calls us to try and reach all people, including those of all ages. For example, it will flavor the way we do worship. It is not unusual to hear theologically rich, often forgotten, hymns in the middle of a modern worship set. Likewise, we want different generations meeting together regularly; serving together, eating with one another, and challenging each other. While taste, preferences, and opinions differ from generation to generation, we want to find a common ground for our congregation to engage everyone, no matter if they are in life’s dawn or dusk. With this, we will value the fresh ideas of youth and at the same time value the wisdom of the older generation.

6. Joy (Humor Included)

Author John Piper writes: “A great part of God’s glory is His happiness.”* Can you imagine what it would be like if the God who ruled the world were not happy? It is good news that God is gloriously happy. Jesus invites us to spend eternity with a happy God when He says, “Enter into the JOY of your master” (Matt. 25:23). Jesus lived and died that His joy-God’s joy-might be in us and our joy might be full. We feel that not only is joy important for our own souls but it is one of the most attractive elements about the Christian life. You will discover lots of joy and yes, lots of humor, at Raintree Community Church.