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Our Missionaries

Tom and Deborah Nite- Africa, Asia & Europe

Tom and Deborah Nite established International Biblical Training Inc. This non-profit organization assists in and enhances the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Tom also teaches at bible colleges, seminaries and conferences in Eastern Europe, India, Africa and the Caribbean.



Javier and Soledad Ibarra- Mexico

Javier and Soledad Ibarra serve in a number of ministerial capacities. Javier is a Bible instructor at the Bible Institute and serves on the board for Mision Pro-Indigena A.C. Soledad is an accounting and administration assistant and full-time counselor for female students. The Ibarra’s are also involved in the leadership of a small Baptist church.


Doug and Stephanie Lewis- Cameroon

Doug and Stephanie Lewis serve with Converge in Cameroon. As a veterinarian, Doug helps people with their animals and teaches owners how to better care for them. They are involved in teaching in a small local church and reaching out to the community.



Jim and Debbie Shoberg- Paris, France

The Shoberg family ministers in Paris reaching out to men, women and their families with the Hope and Truth of the Gospel. Leading a team from Avant, their ultimate goal is to plant a new church.




Merauke Bible School- Papua, Indonesia

Dan & Louise Hubert serve at the Merauke Bible School in theological education, medical ministry, and children’s ministry. Their hope is that each of the bible school families would return to their villages with a healthy heart, mind, and body to continue to serve the Lord.



Also, more than 5,000 Missionaries Through the Cooperative Program- All Over the World


Our Missions Team

Vergil and Kathy Nelson, retired missionaries to Taiwan (38 years)

Drew and Edith Erickson


Katie Haskell

Ashley Spicer

Jim and Barbara Holmberg