Jesus Addresses the Soil of Our Hearts | Dr. Stephen Conley


Text: Mark 4:1-20 (Part 2)

The Teaching of Parables and the Kingdom of God (1:15; 4:1-2)

  • The kingdom of God has been prophesied and is now being fulfilled in Jesus (Mark 1:15).
  • Jesus begins to teach through parables in order to describe the kingdom of God to His disciples.

The Terrain of Two Different Hearts (4:3-9)

  • The Unbelieving Heart is described as hard, shallow, and thorny ground that is unable to produce any lasting fruit.
  • The Believing Heart is described as good ground that produces abundant fruit.

The Target of the Parable (4:10-12)

  • Jesus’ parables are accessible and relatable, but are not understandable apart from knowing Jesus; He must open our eyes to the Truth!
  • Jesus’ parables expose those who are outside and reveal who is inside; it comes down to rejecting Christ’s Word versus hearing and obeying Christ’s Word.

The Totality of the Parable (4:13-20)

  • Jesus explains and applies the meaning of the parable:
    • The Sower represents Jesus and His followers
    • The Seed represents the Word of the Gospel
    • The Soils represent four different types of heart-responses to the Gospel: Hard, Shallow, Thorny, and Fruitful ground
  • This parable has massive implications on how we interpret Jesus’ parables and how we carry out Jesus’ mission.