Romans 8:1-11 | Jeff Fitzgerald

Life Through the Spirit

  1. Freedom From Slavery (v.2)
  • Former law, Mosaic law, was never meant to save us.
  • Former law was meant to point to our need for a Savior.

2. Freedom From Condemnation (v.3)

  • God knew the former law was unable to save us.
  • In response, He sent His Son to us to do what the law could not do.

3. Freedom From Being Controlled (v.4)

  • Because Christ is in us and we are in Christ, all of God’s requirements are fulfilled in us.
  • We must live out who we are in Christ, not by doing good works in itself, but, by focusing on what God has done.

4. Freedom From Defeat (v.5-11)

  • Paul is comparing the saved and the unsaved.
  • One lives for the flesh and the other The Spirit.
  • Living a life for the flesh is death.
  • If you are unsaved, you are not battling sin.
  • If you are fleshly, then you are trying to please yourself, not God.